Entering a World of ‘Constant Disruption’

With most economists now predicting the recession will conclude later this year, don’t get too comfortable. A recent post in the Harvard Business Publishing blog “Big Shift” contends we are entering a world of “constant disruption.”

One of the biggest reasons resides in the IT world: “We now face something entirely different. Today’s core technologies — computing, storage, and bandwidth — are not stabilizing.”

“They continue to evolve at an exponential rate,” the commentary continues. “And because the underlying technologies don’t stabilize, the social and business practices that coalesce into our new digital infrastructure aren’t stabilizing either. Businesses and, more broadly, social, educational, and economic institutions, are left racing to catch up with the steadily improving performance of the foundational technologies.

“For example, almost forty years after the invention of the microprocessor, we are only now beginning to reconfigure the digital technology infrastructure for delivery of yet another dramatic leap in computing power under the rubric of utility or cloud computing. This leap will soon be followed by another, then another.”

So strap in. If the topic interests you, be sure to read the entire post.

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