The Cubicle’s Days Are Numbered

Acclaimed marketing guru Seth Godin, author of a dozen international business best-sellers, says the days of the corporate cubicle farm are drawing to a close. Writing in Time magazine, he says the conventional office set-up no longer makes sense due to technology’s advances.

“More and more, the need to actually show up at an office that consists of an anonymous hallway and a farm of cubicles or closed doors is just going to fade away,” Godin writes. “It’s too expensive, and it’s too slow. I’d rather send you a file at the end of my day (when you’re in a very different time zone) and have the information returned to my desktop when I wake up tomorrow. We may never meet, but we’re both doing essential work.”

The Internet makes synchronized team efforts possible, he says, even when members are spread in far-flung locations, and bosses will still be watching when you log in, what you type and what you access.

“Some people will embrace this new high-stress, high-speed, high-flexibility way of work,” he believes. “We’ll go from a few days alone at home, maintaining the status quo, to urgent team sessions, sometimes in person, often online. It will make some people yearn for jobs like those in the old days, when we fought traffic, sat in a cube, typed memos, took a long lunch and then sat in traffic again.”

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