Cloud Still a Mystery for Most Small Businesses

While the term “cloud computing” virtually peppers today’s technology media, the concept itself is a mystery to most small businesses. A surprising 71 percent of respondents to a new Small Business Authority survey admitted they were ignorant of cloud computing.

There were 1,800 respondents to the May 2011 survey. To several other survey technology questions, respondents were equally negative. For example, asked if they could describe cloud computing, 74 percent said no. Asked if their critical data and software was backed-up offsite, 71 percent said no.

“Cloud computing will be the next important trend in the US economy for businesses large and small,” said Barry Sloane, president and CEO of The Small Business Authority, which has a portfolio of 10,000 small-business accounts. “About 25 percent of our business owners said they understood what cloud computing was.  However, when we drilled down deeper most, 78 percent thought that their data was secure. Yet 71 percent stated their data was not backed up offsite.”

“The cloud is approaching,” Sloane went on. “The security blanket of the server in the closet onsite and having an assistant backup important business data and confidential client information needs to be behind us all.”

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