Three ways the CIO can think like a CEO

SearchCIO posted this informative video and synopsis of an interview with Dave Castellani, CEO of New York Life Retirement Plan Services. Castellani provides advice for CIOs on how they can better align their IT strategy and technology with a company’s overall business goals.

In a nutshell, his three points are:

Optimize of your model. “You have such competition for capital internally, and there’s never enough; it’s a finite source. How do you maximize the use of that capital to the greatest effect for your business?”

Have a vision for the future. “Where is the business going to be three years from now or five years from now, knowing full well that the rate of change we are going through is tremendous?”

Have a plan for expanding your revenue base. “The vision of where you are going to compete next is important. Of course, technology plays a huge role there.”

Castellani’s comments fall in line with the session that EasyStreet’s CEO Rich Bader recently presented at the Oregon InnoTech Conference — “How to Communicate with your Pointy-Haired Boss.”

Says Castellani, “Sometimes, IT is caught up in jargon, or finds it desirable to be left in blissful isolation, when, really, you need to be embedded into the organization.” And, on the other side of the dialog, “I think most senior leaders will have to have a deeper understanding of technology today. It would be my wish that they’d have a very deep understanding of technology, because it touches everything we do.”

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