IT Must Deal with the Employee ‘Digital Self’

Cloud computing is becoming more popular with individuals, who are blurring the line between their work identity and their “personal cloud,” according to recent Forrester Research surveys. The trend is yet one more that CIOs need to take into account while managing the enterprise.

Forrester surveys show that people are using cloud technologies to store personal and work files, contacts, photos, music, and videos in growing numbers. In the U.S., 77 percent of online adults now use one or more of these services, while in Europe 61 percent do so.

“As a result, there is now a new Internet gold rush to help customers and employees build their ‘digital self’ and to help them access, manage and benefit from their digital information using any smartphone, tablet, PC or web browser,” writes Forrester vice president Frank Gillette in “Forrester believes this gold rush for the digital self will play out over the next six years.”

Managing this “digital self” will become increasingly difficult for IT departments and may make many technology leaders uneasy,’ he adds. “But CIOs should be aware that blocking services for the digital self will impair productivity and annoy workers, who will find ways around the restrictions as they continue to bring their own devices into the workplace.”

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