EasyStreet Acceptable Usage Policy

EasyStreet publishes an Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) to ensure responsible use of the Internet. EasyStreet requires its customers to use its services and network responsibly and in compliance with all applicable laws and the terms of this AUP. This AUP supplements rather than supersedes any and all agreements between EasyStreet customers and EasyStreet. By using EasyStreet services, you have agreed to comply with this policy.

Specific questions and/or suggestions concerning this Policy should be directed to EasyStreet Support.

1.0 Required email account

EasyStreet communicates with customers primarily via email. You agree that sending a message to your contact email address is EasyStreet’s agreed-upon means of providing notification. You must maintain an up-to-date, valid email address on file with EasyStreet and check it routinely. This address is used to communicate vital information about your services, billing, service outages, and enhancements or changes to your existing services. This information is time-sensitive in nature. It is required that you read any email sent to your account to avoid any potential interruptions in your service. It is your responsibility for having an up-to-date, valid contact email address on file with EasyStreet. For those EasyStreet services containing a mailbox service, EasyStreet will assume this is your contact email address unless you tell us otherwise.

2.0 Email policy

EasyStreet customers may not send email to any Internet user who does not wish to receive it, either at EasyStreet or elsewhere. EasyStreet recognizes that email is an informal medium; however, users must refrain from sending further email to a user after receiving a request to stop. EasyStreet will not forward mail of customers terminated for bulk mailing or unsolicited advertising. EasyStreet has a zero-tolerance policy with respect to unsolicited email originating from accounts under EasyStreet’s control. If mailings from your account generate EasyStreet abuse or spam complaints, you are liable for EasyStreet administrative charges up to $100 per complaint. If the mailing activity of an EasyStreet customer causes blacklisting of any EasyStreet services, the account may be disabled without notice.

Unsolicited advertising mailings, whether commercial or informational, are strictly prohibited. EasyStreet accounts may send advertising material only to addresses that have specifically requested it or “opted-in” to a list. Solicited bulk email is permitted provided the sender includes in the message: 1) a valid return/reply-to address, 2) an opt-out/unsubscribe option is clearly identified and 3) the recipient’s email address must be included in the body of the message to allow for manual removal. Abuse/spam complaints about bulk messages not meeting these requirements are subject to a $100 abuse administrative fee per complaint. Mailings with more than 50 – 100 recipients per hour are not supported using the EasyStreet mail servers. For mailings greater than 50 – 100 recipients per hour, EasyStreet recommends using your own mail server or a third party bulk mail service.

Chain letters are unsolicited by definition and may not be propagated using EasyStreet services. EasyStreet customers may not send, propagate or reply to mail bombs. Mail bombing is defined as either emailing copies of a single message to many users, or sending large or multiple files or messages to a single user with malicious intent.

EasyStreet customers may not alter the headers of email messages to conceal their email address or to prevent users from responding to messages. A valid reply-to address is required.

For those EasyStreet accounts running their own mail servers, EasyStreet requires that relaying is disabled. This ensures that your mail server will not become a relay source of unsolicited email. If unsolicited email passes through your mail server, the account may be deactivated and incur EasyStreet administration charges. There is a $100 charge for every five spam abuse complaints for each incident.

3.0 Abuse policy

EasyStreet customers may not use EasyStreet services or network: (1) in violation of any applicable local, state, or federal law or regulation; (2) in a manner that infringes or may infringe upon any copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, or other types of intellectual property; (3) to transmit offensive or threatening materials, including materials that are obscene, pornographic, defamatory, libelous, abusive, hateful, excessively violent, or otherwise inappropriate; (4) to transmit fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading materials or to advance any type of financial scam; (5) to transmit any materials that harass another person or entity; (6) to transmit viruses, Trojan horses, or other materials harmful to any network or equipment or other users or third parties; or (7) in a manner that exposes or may expose EasyStreet, its customers, partners, or vendors, or any other person or entity using the EasyStreet network to abuse, complaints, retaliation, connectivity issues, or other negative impact.

EasyStreet assumes that customers have enough technical knowledge to use EasyStreet services without causing abuses. If your actions indicate that you are trying to crack, attack, block or intrude on the networks of EasyStreet customers or those of other providers, EasyStreet will deactivate your service and hold you liable for your actions. If activity from your assigned EasyStreet IP address generates EasyStreet abuse complaints, you are liable for EasyStreet administrative charges up to $100 per complaint.

As an EasyStreet customer, if you become victim of attacks, EasyStreet will help you in identifying the source. If you are hacked or have evidence of malicious behavior by another EasyStreet customer, EasyStreet will be happy to contact them for you and do whatever is necessary to prevent such activity. If the source is outside of EasyStreet, EasyStreet can suggest how you should contact the appropriate source. Please send all notice and evidence of such abuse to EasyStreet Abuse (email link below.)

As an EasyStreet customer, if you are a source of attacks, this policy applies even to relatively harmless operations such as port scanning, and failed login attempts to other computers where you do not have official access. If your account is found responsible for such activity, you will receive a warning. If you receive three warnings your account will be deactivated, and any applicable charges will apply.

If your account is found responsible for actively committing malicious behavior (cracking machines, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks such as Ping of Death, SYN Flood, LAND Attack, IP Spoofing, etc.) your account will be deactivated immediately. If your account is used as a relay point for unsolicited or spoofed email, your account will also be deactivated.

 4.0 Privacy

EasyStreet is committed to respecting your privacy. Once you choose to provide personally identifiable information, it will only be used in the context of your customer relationship with EasyStreet.

EasyStreet uses your information to better understand customer needs and continuously improve the level of service provided. Specifically, your information is used to help complete a transaction, to communicate back to you, to update you on service and benefits. Credit card numbers are used only for payment processing and are not utilized for other purposes.

EasyStreet will not give, sell, rent or lease your personally identifiable information to others unless required by law or your prior permission is obtained.

5.0 Modifications

EasyStreet reserves the right to modify this Policy from time to time without notice. Modifications become effective at the time of posting.

6.0 Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Pursuant to Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Title 17 U.S.C. 512(c)(2), EasyStreet Online Services’ Designated Agent for receipt of any claims of copyright infringement is EasyStreet Abuse. EasyStreet Online Services’ Designated Agent may be contacted using any method below. Notice of any claimed infringing materials must comply with applicable law.

email: EasyStreet Abuse


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