Our Sustainable IT Practices

EasyStreet’s long-standing commitment to sustainable IT practices is grounded in the belief that green behaviors are critically important to the health of society and the world. With our commitment to being Oregon’s greenest IT services provider, EasyStreet is on the forefront of sustainable IT in Oregon.

EasyStreet offsets all resources it consumes, resulting in zero carbon footprint operations in our Beaverton data centers and offices:


EasyStreet clients benefit from our responsible choices

  • We are passionate about the environment. As a large scale consumer of electricity, much of our “energy” has gone into designing facilities that serve as a national model for efficiency. Our technologically advanced Data Center 2 serves as a model for energy efficient data centers throughout the Northwest and beyond.
  • DC2 is first to quality for funding through the Oregon Department of Energy’s Small Scale Energy Loan Program (SELP)
  • With over 6,000,000 kWh of renewable energy purchased annually, EasyStreet is a member of the U.S. EPA Green Power Leadership Club.
  • Rainwater capture system in DC2 provides the majority of water needed for cooling, limiting environmental impact.
  • Our parking lot features an EV charging station for clients and community use.


Active internal green team keeps sustainability moving forward

To secure our role as Oregon’s greenest IT services provider, we’ve made sustainability a key part of our company culture…not only in our data centers, but in our general office practices as well. Some examples:

  • We empower our internal Green Team – including CEO, key executives, managers and staff members from all departments – to evaluate and initiate sustainable practices.
  • Our full kitchen uses washable tableware instead of plastic and paper to reduce waste; filtered tap water instead of bottled; and environmentally friendly dishwasher soap as well as recycled paper towels and hand towels.
  • We employ a comprehensive recycling program with high participation… even a bin for compostable waste.
  • We use 100% post-consumer paper for routine office printing.

All EasyStreet employees actively work to lessen the environmental consequences of energy consumption that too often go hand-in-hand with being a data center-based business.