Carrier-Neutral Connectivity: Performance, Reliability, Choices

EasyStreet leverages multiple upstream connections, a fully redundant infrastructure, abundant capacity and years of connectivity experience to provide our customers with levels of performance and network reliability that would be prohibitively expensive for most in-house data centers.

Features that include:

  • Fully-managed backbone network with 15 Gb capacity
  • Three Tier 1 providers: CenturyLink, AboveNet and Level 3
  • Seattle (SIX)/San Francisco/Portland (NWAX) connections for excellent peering
  • A private network to the Pittock Internet Exchange in Portland
  • Upstream connections with diverse entrances from Zayo, XO, Hurricane Electric, Time Warner, Level 3 and CenturyLink
  • Fully redundant 10G transport switching infrastructure

Some facts to consider about EasyStreet’s connectivity advantages:

If a single carrier experiences an outage, EasyStreet maintains sufficient capacity headroom to ensure that ALL customers are unaffected.

Bandwidth is continuously monitored and upgraded proactively to meet service level expectations.

Over 100 strands of fiber connect Data Center 1 and Data Center 2.

Secure, fixed-wireless service from Freewire Broadband offers an attractive alternative to traditional Telco circuits. It’s ideal for Internet connections or paired with traditional wired connections to create networks with diverse redundancy.

In addition, EasyStreet’s own fixed point-to-point and point-to-multipoint broadband offers an ideal alternative to traditional land lines.

Internet access is backed by an EasyStreet Service Level Agreement.

EasyStreet is a founding member of NWAX (Northwest Access Exchange) to provide world-class regional access.



EasyStreet’s managed network for Internet access has been up continuoulsly since 1996.

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