Geo-Distant Disaster Recovery: EasyStreet’s Answer to “What if…?”




What would happen to your business if a natural disaster or other large-scale event knocked out your data center or its Internet connection?

How much downtime would be “acceptable”?

Would even a short outage be catastrophic?

What is your organization’s Disaster Recovery Plan?

The answers are different for every business. (It’s surprising how many businesses don’t even have a DR plan.) But, EasyStreet is prepared to help you meet even the most stringent Disaster Recovery needs.

Think globally

At EasyStreet we have developed strong partnerships with vetted data center facilities across the country, so we are able to offer continuous mirroring and near-instantaneous switchover in the event disaster strikes in Oregon. (Or if you are located elsewhere and need the advantages of DR in the Northwest!) As with other EasyStreet services, you can choose exactly the level of Disaster Recovery that is appropriate for your needs and risk tolerance.

High-speed national connections

Our robust network map provides cost-effective, flexible and reliable options for meeting your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

  • Dedicated wavelength service for an efficient cost profile
  • Geographically and carrier-diverse paths
  • No single point of failure
  • Optional dedicated circuits and secured VPNs are available

Want help?

EasyStreet experts are available to help you:

  • Develop a DR Plan based on your business continuity goals
  • Determine your RPO and RTO
  • Establish bandwidth requirements and create a network design
  • Create a Disaster Recovery playbook
  • Define replication points for each server, log transfer requirements and failover procedure specifics
  • Validate DR plans based on customer-defined schedule

 Disaster Recovery

Learn more about EasyStreet’s Disaster Recovery Services

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