Monitoring and EOC Services

24/7/365, EasyStreet’s Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) monitors all aspects of our Cloud hosting services and end-to-end network infrastructure, using SolarWinds® proven Orion network and application performance tools. We also use Log & Event Manager (LEM) for log collection, analysis and real-time correlation.

EasyStreet extends real-time Monitoring plus Log & Event Management services to its customers, taking full responsibility for the health and operation of their hosting infrastructure and applications.

  • Monitoring of devices at the customer’s own site, as well as in EasyStreet’s colo facilities
  • System monitoring of network performance for routers, switches, servers and other SNMP-enabled devices
  • Application monitoring of availability and performance using standard or custom monitoring templates
  • Passive Option for customer self-service, real-time and historical monitoring via a web-access portal
  • Read-only and ideal for lifecycle and capacity management
  • Active Option for proactive notification, verification and escalation by EasyStreet staff
  • Superior incident and problem management

SIEM powered by SolarWinds

Improve your uptime, performance and planning

EasyStreet offers a range of custom monitoring services, such as those we provide for the Oregon Health Network (OHN). Benefits of these solutions include:

  • Capacity Management: Clear reports of resource utilization helps make important business decisions
  •  Increased Availability:  Troubleshooting and resolving problems becomes faster with clear insight into systems
  • Change Management: Immediately see the impact of changes in your environment. Customized application monitors, system pollers and dashboards let you monitor colocation, premises and Cloud systems together in one view.
  • Log & Event Management: Collects and catalogs log & event data in real-time, from anywhere data is generated for IT operations, security and compliance

NOC Monitoring

Learn more about EasyStreet’s Monitoring Services

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