Monitoring and Analytics


Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Application Infrastructure

Having a trusted partner is not enough. In order to know what is really happening, every day and every hour, it requires advanced 24x7x365 active monitoring and management workflows. This ensures that when an issue arises, you will know it is happening and take the proper steps.

Monitoring is reactive and it is also critical to have proactive means to understand patterns and plan out sustained roadmaps. The benefit of powerful and intuitive analytics is undeniable in the way it can deliver clear insights into how your infrastructure is performing and needs to evolve.

In both cases, you need a team of seasoned experts who understand the data they see and know what to do about it. Having a dedicated team who know what to do and when do it can profoundly impact the ROI of your IT infrastructure.

The Right Tools

EasyStreet partners with clients to identify the needs specific to their business and mission critical applications. This allows tailoring personalized monitoring and analytics solutions, complete with management workflows that deliver peace of mind.

EasyStreet’s Command Center monitors 24x7x365 all aspects of your fully managed infrastructure from end-to-end networks to supporting services. This includes Log and Event Management (LEM) for log collection, analysis, and real-time correlation. LEM services are available for clients to gain real-time monitoring. This allows a client to take full responsibility for the health and operation of every aspect of their infrastructure if they desire to. It delivers the ability to monitor:

  • Devices at the client’s own site, as well as in EasyStreet’s facilities
  • Network performance for routers, switches, servers, and other SNMP-enabled devices
  • Application availability and performance using standard or custom templates
  • Real-time and historical monitoring data via a self-service web-based portal via a passive option
  • Proactive notifications, verifications, and escalations by EasyStreet team via an active option

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