Assessment and Migration


Performing a Needs Assessment

Finding the right solution to deliver your mission critical applications can be daunting and time consuming. The potential for making costly mistakes is also quite high. This requires careful planning which starts with a needs assessment. This is especially critical when migrating an existing application to a modern infrastructure.

The Right Team at the Right Price

EasyStreet has a proven engagement methodology for rapid results and sustained value. This means we can help you develop a personalized and fully managed solution. We have the proven track record of delivering for our clients the peace of mind they are addressing their needs effectively.

EasyStreet has hired and developed a industry-leading team of skilled engineers, architects, technicians, systems specialists, and project managers. They offer a wealth of real world experience and proven best practices. They are also committed to staying abreast of the latest technology vendors and offerings. Every client is offered a range of affordable services as part of any fully managed solution created for them. Our team makes it easy to explore new technologies without risk, and frees your in-house resources to focus on other priorities. The outcome will be a fully thought out and implementation-ready solution, tailored to your needs.

A Consultative Approach Builds Long-Term Trust

EasyStreet has developed a long-standing tradition and reputation for having a consultative approach, which helps clients with the following infrastructure choices:

  • Reverse engineering of legacy environments
  • Migration strategies to contemporary environments including physical to virtual
  • OS modernization for legacy applications
  • Hybrid and private cloud design and implementation
  • Network design based on tailored goals and tradeoffs
  • Monitoring and analytics design and setup
  • Infrastructure capacity planning, especially in the area of energy efficiency
  • Flexible costs based on blending of Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 technical personnel


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