Private and Hybrid Clouds

Why Move to the Cloud?

For a growing number of enterprises and software vendors, a move to the cloud is a sound business decision with many benefits including:

  • Cutting Capital Expenditures (CapEx)
  • Reducing deployment time
  • Improving application availability and performance
  • Increasing capacity when needed
  • Refocusing precious internal IT resources


The Benefits of Cloud-Based Applications

EasyStreet relies on a vast set of real world experiences and deployment successes to confidently and rapidly move our client’s mission critical applications to the cloud. We deliver an always-on, trusted application infrastructure experience, which combines services into tailored solutions with the following capabilities:

  • Proven Service Level Agreements (SLA) with 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Flexible multi-region Disaster Recovery (DR) environments
  • Personalized services and operational continuity
  • Compliant with stringent HIPAA and PCI requirements


The Right Cloud for Your Application

Not all clouds are equal and we offer several options to meet different needs and development lifecycles including:

  • Private Clouds
  • Multi-Tenant Clouds
  • Hybrid Clouds

Determining which cloud, or combination of clouds, is best for your business depends on a number of factors. We have a proven engagement methodology for rapid results and sustained value. This will allow us to quickly evaluate your needs and tailor the best solution.


Private Clouds

EasyStreet offers private cloud solutions for the most control over your environment. This allows you to run your mission critical applications completely separated from any others. Your applications are encapsulated within a dedicated infrastructure. EasyStreet private cloud solutions deliver a fully managed experience with the following benefits:

  • Flexible configurations including single-node, high-availability (HA), and redundant
  • Reliable point-to-point connectivity
  • High-performance storage
  • Dedicated firewall and security
  • Flexible configurations and safeguards to meet various compliance requirements
  • Advanced and active performance monitoring with management workflows
  • Extensive analytics on infrastructure performance, capacity, availability, and stability


Multi-Tenant Clouds

Some clients require a more cost-effective solution and do not need a dedicated environment. As part of any deployment, we offer clients hands-on expertise and best practices as well as migration assistance. EasyStreet multi-tenant cloud solutions offer clients a fully managed experience with a great deal of value and flexibility including:

  • Flexible configurations
  • Enterprise-class reliability
  • Pay-as-you-go model
  • 24x7x365 support and monitoring


Hybrid Clouds

The world of IT and clouds is as complex as it is diverse. Many mission critical applications require a hybrid environment combining various types of clouds to achieve maximum flexibility. Hybrid cloud solutions combine the best of both private and multi-tenant clouds to offer an optimized infrastructure. EasyStreet brings a wealth of experience, which benefits clients as follows:

  • Proven methodology to define and deliver the right configuration
  • Fully managed environments and the ability to migrate as needed
  • Combine instances as needed and for different purposes such as multi-tenant instances for development environments and a private cloud for delivery and production environments.
  • Incorporate and manage services from other cloud providers


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