Is Centralized IT a Thing of the Past?

Looking ahead to 2015, here’s the future of IT in a nutshell: “The oversized, centralized IT department of 2001 is a relic that’s never coming back and IT pros need to prepare for the decentralized IT reality of the future where companies are going to keep fewer IT pros on staff, hire more consultants, and focus their IT resources on software, the cloud, and mobile devices.”

This straight-forward analysis is from Jason Hiner, editor in chief of and one of the more profound pundits writing about IT today.

“A decade ago, there was a lot of new stuff that needed to be set up — ethernet networks, directory servers, mail servers, company laptops — and a lot of baby boomers who still needed helped transitioning into a computerized workplace,” Hiner writes. “Those days are long gone.”

“Most of these technologies run themselves today and don’t require a lot of time from IT pros to deploy them and keep them running,” he continues. “IT pros also spend a lot less time doing repairs, maintenance, and end-user support. Replacement is the new support. In 2015, employees will just swap out their malfunctioning laptop, smartphone, or tablet to IT and immediately get a replacement device that will connect to the private cloud and/or public cloud and instantly download the user’s apps, settings, and data.”