New Control Panel FAQs

New Control Panel

Your Control Panel where you manage your services will be upgraded to our new account management tool Portal on April 20, 2016. This upgrade includes a new look-and-feel, and easier navigation to manage your services.  

Rest assured that your existing websites will continue to function as usual and there will be no changes to live sites.

Online Presence Builder Overview

Online Presence Builder is a new application, as part of this update, used to create and manage responsive websites. It is a cloud-based, drag-and-drop website design tool. Users get access to a variety of new tools and features to allow to refresh their online presence in minutes:

  • New, modern designs. Choose from engaging, Search Engine Optimization or SEO-friendly website themes that automatically look great on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
  • New website elements. A ton of new features to add personality to your website. Easily add photo galleries, videos, buttons, Facebook and Twitter widgets, contact forms, appointment scheduling, Google maps, tables and lists and more.
  • Add pages and layouts. Easily add multiple pages with different layouts such as galleries, menus, FAQ and more.
  • New modern images. Access a full gallery of modern, professional images, ready to use on your website.

Online Presence Builder is integrated into the Portal interface as one, congruent user experience, and will replace EasySiteWizard Pro as the website design tool available within Portal.


  • Wednesday. April 20, 2016 the portal will get upgraded to the new version.
  • The cutover will be performed during non-business hours and can take anywhere from 2-4 hours.
  • Users may experience 15 minutes to 1 hour of downtime with the Control Panel while it is being updated.
  • Users will not experience any downtime to their website or email. Only their Control Panel experience will change.
  • Thursday, Wednesday 21, 2016 all users should have access to the new portal.

What to Expect

Plans and packages are no changing at this time. Certain applications available within plans or packages will no longer be available. Some features are being retired over a period of 180 days.

This upgrade has no impact on billing, your current bill stay the same.

After the cutover date, customers who login to their account will have access to the new Portal to manage their web hosting and email services.

Your previous login link will still work, but upon login, you will be directed to the new Portal. For example: a login to will launch

While you will be able to reach Portal from the previous URL, it is recommended that you bookmark the new link.

Upon first login to the new Portal, you will be prompted to take a tour of Portal. This 8-step guided tour shows you where to find all of the functions with Portal, including creating a website, managing email, accessing advanced tools and general account management.

As part of the upgrade, certain legacy applications will be removed on the Portal upgrade date, or sunset in a 90-day or 180-day timeframe thereafter.

More details on which applications are being deprecated and retired (sunset) is available below.

List of Sunset Applications

As part of the new control panel launch, some applications are being retired. Below you can find details on which applications, the timeline for their retirement, and replacement tools.
>>Click here to view the List of Sunset Applications

List of Deprecated Applications

As part of this new control panel launch, some applications are being deprecated. The table below provides details on which application are being deprecated and their replacement.
>>Click here to the List of Deprecated Applications

Get Support

If you experience any issues accessing the new portal, please contact support.