Windows Shared Hosting FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following page provides details for EasyStreet clients who are using our Windows Shared Hosting services based on Windows Server 2003. This service has reached its End of Live (EOL) states and is being shut down effective December 31, 2015.

Which services are impacted?

Below is a list of EasyStreet services which currently rely on the Windows Shared Hosting infrastructure being shut down. You are likely to have one of the following items on your current bill:

  • Shared Win2k Plus or Pro or Starter Hosting
  • Win2k .Net Plus or Pro Hosting
  • Win2k Lite or Lite Hosting

When will this service get turned down?

We are targeting December 31st, 2015 as the final date by which all customers will be off the EasyStreet Windows Shared Hosting platform.

Why is this happening?

We have decided to retire this offering because it is no longer economical to provide this service at the level our clients have grown to expect and at the level other providers are offering in the market. This service went End of Sale (EOS) several years ago and there are other providers – Starbelly Designs being one of them – that focus solely on this business. Their focus allows them to offer a more compelling, more price competitive solution. We feel the time is right to gracefully support the few remaining customers we have on this platform to migrate to a better solution.

EasyStreet continues to offer the services clients have come to expect. However, over the last five years, our business has shifted to different offerings including:

  • Colocation
  • Managed Private and Public Clouds
  • Managed Compliance Clouds for Healthcare and Financial Services
  • Managed Databases including Microsoft SQL Server
  • Managed Applications including Microsoft Office 365

atmosera logo
In fact, we created a separate brand called Atmosera under which we now sell these services. As our business continues to evolve we have decided to focus on areas where we can truly shine. If you have need for services offered under the Atmosera brand, we would welcome to opportunity to continue being your provider.

I pay in annual or semiannual allotments; will I get a refund? How will this work?

At the time of migration and cut-over of your service to another provider, we will calculate the remaining balance in your account and refund that amount to you. For example, if you have paid through the end of the year and you migrate on November 1st, we will refund you the remaining balance for November and December. We will work diligently to ensure we true up any billing questions or concerns.

Is EasyStreet discontinuing its ISP services?

No, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) services that we offer will continue to be a component of EasyStreet’s make-up for some time. That being said, on a service-by-service basis, we are evaluating whether we’re providing the value our clients deserve (and vs. what the market is providing). In some cases, the best solution for everyone is for us to support, assist and guide our clients to a solution that’s better for them. That is what is happening with Windows Shared Hosting.

I want to cancel my hosting service, how do I do that?

Once you have migrated your hosting to another provider (for example, Starbelly Designs), then your hosting service will be cancelled with EasyStreet on the date of migration (and any balance owed will be paid). If you simply want to cancel your hosting service and you won’t be migrating to a new hosting provider, email us using the button below with the desired date of cancellation and we’ll work with you to cancel the hosting service.

I want to cancel my account all together, how do I do that?

If you want to cancel your account all together, please send an email using the button below and we’ll work with you to cancel your account.

What if I have another hosting provider that I’d like to work with?

We can help provide your FTP username and password for ease of migrating your content. We can also work with you for DNS assistance, including unlocking domains.

I don’t have the passwords or details to administer my website, what do I need to do?

We do not administer any databases or content management systems for these websites. We can help provide your FTP username and password for ease of migrating your content.

How much downtime or how large of an impact will this have on my website?

Depending on the complexity of your website, you should expect a corresponding level of maintenance time required. The simpler the site, the less time. The more complex a site is, the more time will be required. Estimates vary because every website is different. We selected Starbelly Designs for this transition to make it as smooth as possible for everyone – they are experts.

I have other services with EasyStreet, what happens to those?

  • If you have bundled emails:
    Starbelly Designs offers unlimited emails and email hosting within their $12.95/month pricing. Starbelly Designs can assist with this migration as well to make it a seamless transition. You may also want to consider a Microsoft Office 365 bundle which EasyStreet sells and supports. We’d be happy to discuss migrating your email to Office 365.
  • If you have other services beyond hosting and bundled email:
    All EasyStreet services, other than web hosting, are unaffected and continue as is with full support.

How can I get in touch with Starbelly Designs?

starbelly-designs-logo Representatives from Starbelly Designs stand ready to discuss how they can help you migrate your website to their service. Please submit the form below to have a Starbelly Designs representative contact you as soon as possible.